23Dr. Hansen has done a wonderful job on my children’s teeth. Thanks to him, my kids are no longer ashamed to smile.” – Scott Fitzgerald

“I wore my Invisalign® braces during my wedding and no one seemed to notice. We couldn’t see them in our pictures either. I’m glad I chose Invisalign.” – Jared McGrath

“I really liked my experience with Dr. Hansen because everyone was really nice. I used to be scared of the dentist but I’m not anymore. I was really nervous coming to the orthodontist but it was a nice experience. I’m extremely happy with my results.” – Vanessa Iniguez

“Dr. Hansen and his staff have been great to both of my kids. They are professional, friendly and prompt. I like that they explain their procedures to the kids, thus alleviating any unnecessary fear for them. I am very impressed with his office. I would recommend them to everyone who is looking for a great orthodontist.” – Joy Franc

“When we moved to Las Vegas, my children had pre-erupting cases and we couldn’t find an orthodontist who was willing to treat them. On the other hand, Dr. Hansen was more than willing to treat my children. His staff was very helpful and pleasant as well. We have been very happy with Dr. Hansen and his staff.” – Gwen Reese