don't be afraid to have your photo taken with braces

When you have braces, you might feel self conscious about having your photo taken.


In most cases, your braces aren’t nearly as obvious or unattractive as you think they are, and there’s no need to worry.

Of course, feeling confident about your smile while you still have braces is easier said than done.

Rather than avoiding pictures or keeping your lips tightly closed in every shot, try these tips to help you feel more confident about your smile during treatment:

Stand Farther Away From the Camera

Metal braces can glare in a camera flash, making them appear more prominent than they really are.

To minimize the appearance of your braces in photos, stand a little bit away from the camera and have the photographer zoom in on your face rather than actually getting close up.

Here’s a portrait photography tip:

Whatever part of your body is physically closest to the camera will appear the largest.

By tilting your head a little forward, you bring your eyes closer to the camera. and thus your mouth is a bit farther away.

Your pose can de-emphasize your braces, so go ahead and smile big!

Photoshop Your Smile

We think a big, bright smile with braces is actually cute, but we know that some people don’t feel the same.

If you really hate the way you look with braces, there’s always photoshop.

Sometimes, you can’t avoid being photographed.

Maybe you’re part of a wedding party, and the bride insists on your smiling face beside her, or perhaps you’re speaking at an important event.

Most professional photography is retouched, anyway.

Talk to the photographer ahead of time and request that your braces be edited out of the pictures, and smile with confidence.

Embrace Your Braces

Rather than trying to conceal or minimize your braces in photos, why not make them the center focus?

Quirky, fun pictures with a big, goofy grin will bring a smile back to your face every time you look at them.

Just try it.

A bad photo is the worst that could happen.

Get Less Visible Braces

Options like lingual braces that go on the backs of your teeth, Invisalign clear aligners, and ceramic braces are far less conspicuous than traditional metal braces.

For people who end up in a lot of pictures, either because of their hobbies or profession, orthodontic treatment is an investment.

It might make sense to choose more aesthetic treatment option.

Talk to your orthodontist about your treatment plan, and if you’re concerned about the appearance of metal braces, ask about other types of aligners.

One of the greatest benefits of orthodontia is the boost in confidence you feel when your smile is perfect.

Don’t let the treatment itself be a source of stress!

Smile big, and be proud of your choice for a healthier mouth.