the unexpected benefits of orthodontia

Smile! You already know that orthodontia can solve bite problems, make it easy to keep your teeth cleaner and healthier, and help you look your best.

There are deeper reasons to consider consulting an orthodontist, though.

Here are 3 ways that improving your smile also helps improve your life:

3 Ways a Better Smile Makes Your Whole Life Better

For a lot of people, the most important reason to consider orthodontic care is:


When your teeth are aligned properly, your gums tend to be much healthier, too.

You can clean around and between your teeth properly without too much extra effort, and because your gums fit correctly around your teeth, there are less chances for bacteria and debris to get lodged in the gaps and cause periodontal problems.

Healthier teeth also lead to better breath, fewer illnesses, and even a lower risk of major problems like heart disease and stroke!

Perhaps you’re more concerned about this next point, though:


For many people with misaligned teeth, their malocclusions cause strain…which leads to pain.

Crooked teeth sometimes cause your jaw to sit incorrectly, and that leads to muscle strains that ache and hurt. On top of that, some misalignments cause more serious problems with your gums and your bite, and the problems can be quite painful.

Fixing the misalignment solves physically painful problems, and it can also address an equally uncomfortable issue.


Did you know that people who smile more tend to be more successful? As it turns out, the old idea of a grumpy, surly businessman in a fancy office isn’t an entirely correct picture of career success.

Success has a lot to do with influence.

Influence has a lot to do with likeability and popularity.

Likeability and popularity are increased significantly just by smiling more!

People who smile are also perceived as more attractive, probably because you look friendly and open when you smile at people. It’s such a warm and welcoming expression.

Many people report that they feel more confident and smile more after orthodontic treatment, and it’s common to hear stories about how someone achieved a promotion or better success in the business after straightening their smile.

Even this article from Fast Company about smiling talks about how a smile makes you more successful.

So, if you’re worried about getting braces as an adult, don’t be. The benefits are well worth the short term discomfort, and there are plenty of braces alternatives if you don’t want metal brackets.