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As an orthodontist’s practice, smiles are our business. We believe that the world is a better place when everyone shares more smiles, so in that spirit, we’re sharing 3 reasons to smile to start 2018 with positivity and happiness.

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1: A Formerly Homeless Dog Breaks Records At His New Job

A homeless beagle was found wandering the streets of Michigan got a second chance at life when he was started training as a sniffer dog.

Today, Skipper works at the San Francisco International Airport. His job is to sniff out any contraband produce hidden in travelers’ suitcases, because these things can carry dangerous pests and parasites that have the potential to wreck the US’s ecosystem.

It’s a big job, but Skipper is up to it.

In fact, Skipper sniffed out a banana right before Thanksgiving which marked the pup’s 20,000th seizure as a sniffer dog.

The previous record? 14,000.

Skipper the sniffer beagle is an extraordinary airport employee. It’s a good thing someone found him and gave him a chance to show what he can do!

2: Dallas “Dads” Come Through to Mentor Kids

This story comes from Billy Earl Dade Elementary School in Dallas, Texas.

The school wanted to host a mentorship event called Breakfast with Dads, inviting their 11- to 13-year-old young men to sign up. There was a problem, though:

Billy Earl Dade Elementary School teaches nearly 900 students, and the majority of those students come from low income families. About 150 students signed up for Breakfast with Dads, but many of those young men wouldn’t have a father figure present to mentor them.

A call for volunteers was put out, and the school hoped that they’d get as many as 50 mentors to come volunteer.

On the morning of the event, almost 600 men answered the call and came to offer their mentorship and support. So many ‘dads’ came that the event would no longer fit in the school’s cafeteria, and they had to move into the gymnasium.

The Dallas community came together in stunning fashion for Breakfast with Dads.

3: Canadian City’s Parking Tickets Pay it Forward

What’s worse than getting caught in a long line during the holiday rush, the finally getting back to your car to find that the meter ran out and you got stuck with a parking ticket?

In the City of Victoria, British Columbia, parking tickets during the holiday season looked a little different.

Rather than issuing a fine when parking meters ran low, the city issued Courtesy Parking Tickets with the following text:

We noticed that you were unable to make it back to your vehicle on time before your on-street parking ran out.

Rather than issue a parking ticket, we invite you to pay it forward and donate to a food bank or local charity of your choice.

What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

We hope these bits of good news from around the continent brought a smile to your face. Share your smile with others today, and make the world a little brighter.