what will i look like with straight teeth

You know that getting orthodontic treatment gives you a straighter, more even smile. Even so, you might be wondering: What would I look like with straighter teeth?

Orthodontic treatment can change more than just your teeth.

Because an orthodontist treats malocclusions caused by things like crooked teeth, jaw problems, and even bone structure, getting orthodontic treatment can subtly change the shape of your face.

That means that improving your bite can actually improve your overall appearance.

Here’s how.

Orthodontics Make Your Face More Symmetrical

Facial symmetry is one of those subtle things that make people look more attractive. Nobody’s face is truly symmetrical, of course, but the appearance of symmetry makes a big difference.

Since crooked teeth are rarely consistent, let alone symmetrical, a crooked smile draws attention to your other asymmetrical features.

Straightening your smile makes your face a little more balanced. Your even smile enhances your features rather than drawing attention away from them, and that means you look subtly more attractive.

Orthodontics Affects Your Chin and Jaw

If you hate your weak chin, or you have a prominently jutting chin that makes your face look crescent shaped, you might think that cosmetic surgery is your only option.

Most people don’t realize that their less than ideal chin or jawline might be a result of an overbite or an underbite.

Overbites occur when the top teeth sit in front of the bottom teeth, either because the top jaw juts forward or the bottom jaw sits too far back. They’re often genetic, but they can also be caused by things like thumbsucking or chewing on pencils.

If you have an overbite, your lower jaw may appear sunken, causing your chin to look weak.

Similarly, underbites can cause the lower jaw and chin to jut out prominently.

Correcting an overbite or underbite with orthodontic treatment can correct your chin position, improve your jawline, and even reduce the appearance of a double chin and make lips look fuller.

On top of that, other malocclusions such as open bites (when your teeth don’t rest together, leaving a gap) and protruding teeth make your face look drawn, your lips look thin, and sometimes prevent your lips from closing all the way over your mouth when you’re at rest.

Correcting these types of problems changes the entire lower structure of the patient’s face, from just below the nose to the top of the neck.

What If I Don’t Have Severe Bite Problems?

Even without correcting overbites, underbites, and protruding teeth, orthodontic treatment affects the way your jaw rests, thereby changing the way your face looks.

The changes may be subtle, but they’re visible.

Often, patients can’t spot exactly what’s different about their face. They just notice a general improvement.

Remember that braces aren’t just a cosmetic concern – correcting those malocclusions is important for your oral and overall health.

But if they make you look more attractive in the process, that’s still pretty cool, right?