Doctor Discussing Teeth

You already know that braces straighten your teeth, but do you know why that’s so important for your overall health?

Getting a straight, even smile is important for more than just your looks. Sure, having a beautiful smile is great for your confidence, and there are even links to improved job performance and better personal relationships. The cosmetic benefits are considerable.

On top of that, though, think about the health benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Can Having Bad Teeth Affect Your Health?

Bad teeth can cause a range of problems from headaches, tooth decay, jaw pain, gum disease, increased risk of respiratory infections, and even an increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

Difficulty cleaning between and around malocclusions contributes to the health risks of crooked teeth, along with strain on your jaw muscles and bones when your bite isn’t quite right. Common problems like underbite, overbite, and crowding cause strain and discomfort, and they are easily fixed with orthodontic treatment.

Are Braces Worth the Cost?

Okay, so fixing your teeth reduces some of your health risks and makes you more comfortable.

Is it really worth the cost of orthodontic treatment, though?

Honestly, that depends on your individual situation. If your malocclusions are preventing you from cleaning your teeth well, wearing down your teeth, or causing painful problems, you’re likely to spend a significant amount of money on dental treatment to fix problems like broken teeth and jaw injuries. Since those treatments only address the symptoms and not the root cause of your trouble, you could spend a lot of time in the dentist’s chair.

For minor malocclusions that aren’t causing discomfort, you should probably still have your orthodontist examine your bite. They might alert you to potential problems that haven’t gotten bad yet, and if your crooked teeth is mostly a cosmetic issue with little health risks, they’ll go over your options.

Most offices offer lots of financing options to make it easier to afford treatment, too, and your insurance may cover part.

Orthodontic treatment is a smart choice for you and your children for a lot of reasons, including the beautiful smile you’ll be proud of for years to come. Talk to your orthodontist about your individual situation.