When you chose Invisalign, you gave yourself many advantages over people who chose traditional braces. Invisalign gives you the benefits of comfort and virtual invisibility that don’t come with braces. You also don’t have to worry about emergency visits to the orthodontist because of broken wires or brackets.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that you can remove your liners when you want to enjoy crunchy fruits and vegetables, popcorn, and other treats. The office of Dr. Hansen, Las Vegas orthodontist, recommends that you can chew gum with Invisalign, but be careful of the type of gum you choose and be sure to remove the liners first.

Different Types of Gum

Healthy Chewing Gum

Most gums contain synthetic rubbers, plastic, emulsifiers, and preservatives. While animal studies suggest that these ingredients are safe for humans, you can choose to keep those ingredients out of your body. 

If you want healthy chewing gum, choose one that is considered clean or natural. There is no FDA-approved definition for clean gum, but experts say there are a few qualities you should look for. 

Clean gum is organic, free of allergens, and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. If you want a different base for your gum, consider one made with chicle, a bark that was the base for gum in the 1950s.

You can also choose gums that use natural sugar alcohols such as xylitol and erythritol instead of artificial sweeteners.

Unhealthy Chewing Gum

The worst gums to chew are those that are sweetened with sugar. Indulging in too much sugar is associated with many health conditions. Sugar also causes tooth decay and an increase in plaque. The more sugared gum you chew, the more you risk a multiplicative effect of those risks.

Gums with artificial sweeteners are better than those with sugar in terms of tooth health, but check to see which artificial sweetener is in your gum. Aspartame is a common ingredient, but it’s controversial because of its links to several health conditions. If you worry about these potential health risks, stick to gums with natural sugar alcohols.

Can I Chew Gum With Invisalign?

You should take out your Invisalign liners when you eat or drink; the same holds true for chewing gum. Gum can get stuck inside your aligners. The extra saliva you produce when chewing gum can also stain your teeth or your Invisalign liners.

This doesn’t mean you can never chew gum if you wear Invisalign.

Tips For Chewing Gum With Invisalign

Chewing gum can have benefits such as fighting sleep or helping ease acid reflux symptoms. It can also help you fight sleepiness and relieve nausea, especially during pregnancy or if you have motion sickness. 

You may not want to give it up completely, and you don’t have to if you take some basic precautions when chewing gum. 

  • Avoid gums with sugar that leads to bacteria growth, tooth decay, and cavities
  • Don’t remove your liners more than recommended by your orthodontist. Doing so could damage them, cause pain, or prolong your treatment.
  • Choose mints that work with clear aligners

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