You or your child may already have Invisalign, the clear, thermoplastic aligners that serve as an alternative to braces for straightening your teeth. You are already enjoying benefits that include fewer office visits than braces and the ability to remove your braces when you eat or drink.

Las Vegas Invisalign patients can also continue taking care of their teeth in other ways, such as using mouthwash. Just follow some basic precautions.

Benefits of Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash has several benefits depending on specific ingredients. Various mouthwashes can:

  • Whiten teeth: pick one with peroxide or another whitening agent
  • Prevent tooth decay and cavities: choose one with fluoride
  • Cover up bad breath: choose a mouthwash with astringent salt or odor neutralizers
  • Kill bacteria that can lead to gingivitis, bad breath, and plaque: pick a mouthwash with antimicrobials

You may not find one mouthwash that does everything you want, but you can choose one that helps fight your biggest problem.

Is It OK to Use Mouthwash with Invisalign?

You may have chosen Invisalign because the clear liners are so much more discrete than braces. That is why it is so important that you take them out when you eat and drink. If you don’t, the liners can become stained and more noticeable.

The same applies to using mouthwash. You should never use mouthwash with your liners because some brands contain colors or chemicals that can damage or stain your liners. Always take them out, even if you are just doing a quick rinse to freshen your breath.

Tips For Getting Mouthwash Into Your Routine When You Have Invisalign

The most important thing is to develop a routine and stick with it. Take out your liners to brush and floss your teeth, then use mouthwash before putting your liners back in. If it helps, take out your liners in another room before entering the bathroom.

There are other things you can do to help you get the maximum benefit from your new mouth care routine, such as:

  • Wait a few minutes to use mouthwash if you use fluoride toothpaste. You don’t want the mouthwash to wash the fluoride away.
  • Use the cup provided to only use the amount of mouthwash you need. Using the cup each time can also help you develop a routine that becomes second nature.
  • Swish your mouthwash for 30 seconds to get the maximum benefit

If your children have Invisalign, help them develop a routine. Go through it with them several times if they are going to be alone when taking care of their teeth after meals or before bed. Kids can start using mouthwash at age six, according to the ADA. Check the ingredients and warning labels first, or get them a mouthwash developed specifically for children.

Learn More About Invisalign

The ability to take out your Invisalign liners is one of their advantages over braces. It makes it much easier to keep your teeth clean and avoid the buildup of bacteria in your mouth. To learn more about what you can eat or drink when you have Invisalign, visit Dr. Hansen, your Las Vegas orthodontist.