Whether it’s for work, fun, or other reasons, most of us travel occasionally. Of course, you want to keep up with your routine without any inconvenience while you’re traveling. There are many things to consider before you travel, and your Invisalign treatment is one of them.

It’s important to remain compliant for Invisalign to work effectively. So how can you stay on top of things while traveling with Invisalign?

5 Tips for Traveling With Invisalign

There are five easy tips you can follow to keep up with your routine.

1. Talk With Your Dentist Before Leaving and Book a Pre-Vacation Appointment

It’s always best to check in with your dentist before you leave for an extended vacation, especially if you’re supposed to get your next set of trays while you’re gone.

Your dentist can make sure all your attachments are on and everything looks good before you leave. They may also give you enough trays to cover you until you get back so there’s no disruption in your progress.

2. Plan Ahead and Stick to Your Routine

Plan your vacation routine ahead of time and stick to it to make sure you can do all the activities you want and have properly budgeted for them. This will reduce any unwanted surprises and stress during your vacation.

3. Pack All Your Essentials

Realizing that you forgot something important can put a real damper on your vacation. So make sure you pack all your essentials before you go. It may help to write down a list or create one on your phone. 

Some essentials for travel include:

  • Clothing, including ample socks and underwear
  • Personal care products like lotion, deodorant, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, and a hairbrush
  • Oral care products (toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Phone charger
  • Universal plug adapter
  • Passport
  • Invisalign essentials

4. Bring Extra Aligners and Invisalign Essentials

The last thing you want is to be stuck wearing the same tray for your entire vacation. So make sure you bring enough aligners to switch them out when it’s time. Vacations can also be extended unexpectedly, so it’s best to bring one or two extra aligners just in case.

Invisalign requires proper care even when you’re on the go. Thankfully, you can get a convenient Invisalign travel kit, which includes essentials such as:

  • Storage case
  • Removal tool
  • Munchies
  • Whitening pen
  • Over-the-counter pain reliever
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Travel-size oral cleaning products (toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss)

5. Ensure That You Have Plenty of Drinkable Water

Water is important for healthy oral and overall health. You also need water to clean your aligners, and to soak them when they need a deeper cleaning, so make sure you have plenty of drinkable water for your vacation. If you have to use tap water, make sure it’s safe to drink. 

Keep Traveling Convenient With Invisalign

Keeping up with your routine and Invisalign care while you travel doesn’t have to be inconvenient. As long as you follow these five tips, you can enjoy stress-free travel and get straight teeth at the same time. 

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