Bulky, uncomfortable metal braces aren’t for everyone. Invisalign offers clear, customized thermoplastic aligners as an effective alternative. Invisalign liners are removable, allow you to eat anything, and are practically invisible. When you choose Invisalign, your Las Vegas orthodontist will talk to you about Invisalign compliance to help you get the maximum benefit. 

What is Invisalign Compliance?

Invisalign trays move your teeth into their proper positions gradually. They are customized to fit your existing dental position with a snug but not uncomfortable fit. Your orthodontist will periodically give you new liners to continue altering the new positions of your teeth until they are straight.

People often ask orthodontists, “Are invisible aligners effective?” The answer is yes, but for Invisalign to work to its greatest potential, you must be ready and willing to wear your liners for at least 22 hours daily. You must also keep your regularly scheduled orthodontist visits to get your new aligners.

This routine is called Invisalign compliance. There are other rules to follow with Invisalign, such as how to brush and floss and clean your aligners. But the essential part of your compliance is keeping your liners in your mouth.

Why is Invisalign Compliance Important?

Your orthodontist can give you a new set of Invisalign liners every two weeks to straighten your teeth. This replacement is only possible if you have been wearing your liners consistently and your teeth are ready for the next step. 

If you do not wear your Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day, you are looking at more orthodontist visits in between changing your liners. These extra visits mean the road to straight teeth becomes much longer. If your orthodontist initially told you the process would take eight months, but you don’t stay compliant, you could be wearing your aligners for a year or more.

Helpful Tips for Staying Compliant

You can do several things to help avoid Invisalign non-compliance and stay on track with your orthodontist visits and new liner schedule.

  • Prepare yourself mentally to get Invisalign and commit to wearing your liners. Tell your friends and family about your Invisalign and that giving you a nudge is okay when you aren’t wearing your aligners.
  • Remind yourself every day why you chose Invisalign. Maybe you just wanted a straight smile, but you could end up with much more. Straight teeth are easier to keep healthy and less likely to break and chip. They help you eat your favorite foods and help boost your confidence. You can have all of that if you stay in Invisalign compliance.
  • Think about how much easier it will be to go to your next orthodontist visit and proudly accept your new liner instead of waiting longer. Think ahead to how much easier dental visits will be with your easier-to-clean straight teeth.

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