here's what comes next when you get your braces removed

When you finally get to the end of your orthodontic treatment, it’s a day to celebrate!

You’re probably not done, though. Here’s what you should know about getting your braces taken off:

What to Expect When Your Braces Are Removed

Most likely, your orthodontist will take a mould of your newly straightened smile to fit you for a retainer.

Wear the retainer!

You might have a lisp for a few days while you get used to it, and you might even drool a little – wear the retainer anyway. After all that time, effort, investment, and discomfort, it would be a shame to let your teeth drift because you didn’t wear a retainer, wouldn’t it?

Hopefully, you took great care of your teeth while you still had braces. If you didn’t clean your teeth properly, you’ll likely have some yellow tartar buildup.

Just after the removal of your brackets, your enamel will be a little more sensitive. Don’t bleach or whiten your teeth for at least 30 days to give yourself some time to recover.

The same is true for crunchy and chewy foods – just after your braces come off, there still might be some lingering soreness. Give it time, and ease back into eating all of those delicious forbidden treats you had to give up for the sake of your smile.

You might also notice that the inside of your cheeks and lips have calloused.

Don’t worry, this is totally normal. Most people can’t feel and don’t notice these callouses until their braces are removed, and with time, they’ll fade away. You didn’t damage your cheeks.

Cleaning your teeth with feel strange, too.

After all that time brushing and flossing around your braces, just being able to brush and floss normally will be both a relief and a little bit strange. For the short time that your teeth and gums are still sensitive, it might also be a little uncomfortable.

Teeth settle a little bit after braces are removed, and this, too, is normal.

Even wearing your retainer, teeth shift a little bit while the bone hardens. Your final smile will still be great, and your orthodontist will continue to monitor progress.