3 reasons to love your braces

Getting braces is an investment in a brighter, better smile for years to come. Most people undergoing orthodontic treatment are excited about the results they’re working towards, and they’re a little less than excited about the treatment itself.

That attitude is starting to change, though.

Adults, teens, and kids who have braces are more often embracing (ha) their bracket-adorned smiles. They’re not just tolerating their braces – they’re loving them!

If you have braces, it’s time to take some pride in your brackets.

3 Great Reasons to Love Your Braces

1: Braces Show You Care

Getting orthodontic treatment is a significant investment in yourself or your child.

When you buy an expensive jacket or a nice pair of shoes, you’re proud of the way you look in them, right? The same can be true of your braces.

Smile wide and show off your wires. Your braces are worth every penny you spend on them, and there’s no reason to hide them from the world.

2: Braces Express Your Style

The geek aesthetic is in right now. Suspenders, bow ties, ironic tee shirts, and dark-rimmed glasses are totally cool, even though a generating earlier, they were the hallmarks of the socially awkward.

Braces are coming into style, too, especially in Asia. Just a few years ago, teens in some East Asian countries started wearing fake braces as a fashion accessory.

In the US, fake braces haven’t quite caught on yet, but brackets are still getting more stylish.

Rather than choosing ceramic brackets and discreet colors of bands, teens and adults are opting for bright colors and traditional metal brackets more often than not. Colorful bands might show support for a favorite team, share school pride, or just brighten up a smile with a rainbow of colors.

3: Braces Make a Lasting Difference

You’ll only have your braces for a little while, but as long as you wear your retainer and follow your orthodontist’s instructions, your straight smile will last for most of your life.

Even if you don’t love the way you look right now, you can still love that you’re working towards the smile you want.

The bottom line is this:

If braces were really bad, nobody would ever get them. Over 4 million people in the US wear braces, and at least a million of those people are adults. There’s a reason that all of those people are choosing orthodontic treatment.

Keep smiling. You’ve got lots to smile about!